Château Vartely

Creation of “gods’ drink ” – Wines

“Château Vartely” is a wine making company located in the vicinity of Orhei town, Moldova. We continue to use our rich national traditions of wine growing and creation of “gods’ favorite drink ” – the wine.

We Believe In Wine That Tastes Incredible

Philosophy of our company

“always the best wine, from Moldova with love, for you and your beloved ones”

With certification under the International Standards of ISO 22000:2005 and НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), Château Vartely wines are known for their exceptional quality and standards and are exclusively imported by Austine & Partners and marketed and distributed by Mecsonpaul Ltd.

When you choose to indulge in these exceptional wines, you are not only treating your taste buds but also prioritizing your health and safety.

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Individo collection is the result of winemakers work which combines knowledge with experience, gained over many years. Thus, each wine was created with a personal touch.

Pastoral Sweet Red

Pastoral is very popular in Europe and is considered “the king” of dessert wine.
A special wine for luxury occasions.

Chateau Vartely Tribut XO

The elegant taste evolves into an expressive creamy bouquet with hints of flowers, vanilla and touches of oak and passes smoothly in a memorable aftertaste.

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